Privacy Policy

rSpark - Electrify Your Revenue

This Privacy Policy is in relation to the rSpark Toolbar and is separate to any other applications you might be using. The rSpark Toolbar was designed and created and is maintained by rSpark, Inc. We care deeply about your data and your privacy and we never collect information on an individual level or monitor users individually.

Information Collected During Toolbar Installation
The data we collect includes:
a) The date and time of the toolbar installation
b) Date and time of the toolbar being uninstalled
c) Origination IP address and the user's country of origin
d) The status of the toolbar in Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer or Chrome
e) Any Partner or affiliate ID present at time of installation
f) What toolbar version was installed?

Data Collected During Toolbar Usage
rSpark Inc do not monitor individual web sites that you visit during any session. If you perform a search through the Toolbar the data may pass through our servers so that your search results can be optimized. The following anonymous usage data may be recorded:
a) The time and date of the web search
b) The originating IP address
c) A Partner or Channel ID associated with your toolbar
d) The version of the toolbar you're using
e) The search term used
Your web browser will also communicate to our servers the same information it provides to every web server on the Internet which could include details like aspects of your computer software or hardware configuration, cookies and the URL of the page you requested.

Use of The Information We Collect
All of the data that we collect is used for reporting purposes only. So one example of this would be the total number of Toolbar installations we detect or the total number of searches conducted through our Toolbar each month to measure growth and usage patterns. We need to emphasize again that this information is collected in an aggregate manner and not measured on an individual basis.

Information Collected by Third Parties
When you perform a search using the rSpark Toolbar the pages you search for are provided by our search partners which include Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, eBay and Amazon. The search technologies employed by or partners can track:
a) Your search terms
b) Your IP address, your country and OS language settings
c) Any adverts or sponsored listings that were clicked
d) That the search request came from the rSpark toolbar and any associated revenue tags

Spyware Free
The rSpark toolbar does not collect personal information or monitor your web surfing behavior.

Adware Free
The rSpark toolbar does not use any form of pop-up or pop-under advertising.

When you conduct a search using the rSpark toolbar our content providers like Yahoo, Baidu and Amazon may set cookies on your computer or access existing cookies that had been left by the same providers during a previous session. These cookies are used to measure toolbar referrals and not personal information. You do also have the option of declining cookies being placed on your computer by changing the settings in your web browser.

Updates to the Toolbar
The toolbar communicates with our servers from time to time to check for available software updates such as bug fixes, patches, enhanced functions and new versions. By installing the toolbar, you agree to automatically request and receive updates. If you wish to turn off automatic updates, you can do so from the "Options" menu in the toolbar.

Toolbar Uninstall
You can easily uninstall the toolbar from the Add/Remove section of Windows or through the toolbar itself by following these directions:  
Click on Options -> Help -> Uninstall..

Deactivating the Toolbar
If you wish to deactivate the Toolbar you can do so by clicking on View - Toolbars and unchecking the box for the rSpark Toolbar.

Privacy Policy Changes
Our privacy policy may be updated infrequently and in cases where we need to make significant changes we will inform users through the rSpark website.

If you have any further suggestions or questions on the rSpark Toolbar please contact us.